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To: The Province of British Columbia

Stop Unregulated Private Logging

I call on the Province of British Columbia to regulate logging on private land, and to require land owners to publicise clear plans for logging in advance.

Why is this important?

Sunshine Logging of Kaslo is currently clearcut logging a huge area above Cottonwood Lake near Nelson, threatening ecosystems, grizzly bear habitat, and recreation. The land is privately owned by Nelson Land Corporation, so even basic regulations meant to help safeguard natural areas don’t apply.

This clearcut logging is an awful scar on our local environment, but it’s symptomatic of a much bigger problem. A loophole in provincial regulation means that even basic rules meant to help safeguard natural areas don’t apply, because the land is privately owned.

According to the Nelson Star: [2]

"The Nelson Land Corporation, formed in the fall of 2017 by Mike Jenks and Bernie van Maren, bought the properties in December. Jenks is known in the Kootenays and on Vancouver Island for buying up large tracts of private land, logging it, and then selling it, using several company names."

It’s time to fix this, so that companies can’t use speculation and buying up private land to avoid even basic regulations meant to protect our environment.

The clearcut logging taking place now is causing outrage among local residents, and even the Regional District of Central Kootenay is calling for the provincial government to step in.[4]

If enough of us sign on to this campaign, together we can give the RDCK the support it needs, and pressure the province to take action. Please sign today, and spread the word!



Cottonwood Lake, Central Kootenay E, BC

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Reasons for signing

  • this is happening right now on the Riondel Road, very close to me!
  • I was looking at buying property in BC because of its unparalelled beauty but then I started to see obvious signs of clear cut logging in the area near vernon. What is happening is pure greed nothing more. No civili responsibility. Just shameful.
  • Same Thing is happening here on Vancouver Island. Stop old growth extraction now!!! #ExtinctionRebellionNanaimo !


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