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To: British Columbia's MLAs

Protecting Old Growth Forests

Protecting Old Growth Forests

We need better management of all forests in BC. We need forests managed with the long range forecast of their benefits. The BC government must take immediate and decisive action to enact a moratorium on old growth logging in critical hotspots, including our inland temperate rainforest here in the West Kootenays.

Why is this important?

The science is clear: one of the most important tools we have in the fight against climate change is intact forests. Old growth forests are home to many listed plant and animal species at risk such as old growth cedar, mountain caribou, grizzly bears, big horned sheep, mountain goat, fisher and sturgeon.

West Kootenays

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Reasons for signing

  • Old growth forests are like the lungs of the earth. Moreover it is a lovely experience to visit them.
  • It is critical that we preserve the health and beauty of our old growth forests.
  • The richness of these ecosystems compel me.


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