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To: Province of BC

Keep Jumbo Wild - Protect Qat'muk

Stop the proposed development from Jumbo Glacier Resorts. Protect the Jumbo Valley, Qat'muk, in the heart of the Purcell Mountains in BC.

Why is this important?

Qat’muk is the name of the lands of the Ktunaxa Nation. It includes the area of the Jumbo Valley. For over 26 years Kootenay residents have been fighting to keep Qat’muk free from industrial development from the proposed Jumbo Glacier Resort. It is the largest tract of non-roaded wilderness in Southern BC and home to the Grizzly Bear spirit.

After 20 years, the struggle continues.

In 2018, Glacier Resorts Ltd. filed a legal petition to review the expiration of their Environmental Assessment Certificate as the result of the 2015 decision by the former Minister of Environment, Mary Pollack, that the project had not “substantially started”. The final ruling required the current Ministry of Environment to do a second review with the new information that Glacier Resorts Ltd. provided. The Ministry of Environment is appealing the decision.

Jumbo Mountain, East Kootenay F, BC

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